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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Painting for sale

Painting for sale, without frame- Rubens 120/100- it will be done soon- 2.000 Eu

Painting for sale

 Painting for sale, without frame- Rubens 80/80- it will be done soon- 1.500 Eu

Soon- Tables

 New- Angel Line-hand made coffee, tea, tv, Pc, office tables- the one above made of wood and glass ONLY! Hand made angel logo. In order to get your price choose the wood and size you like. 
More samples in the bottom in picture area on the left side.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New- Masks- Carnival- Venice, Rio; Mardi Gras- USA

 Carnival, Mardi Gras- Angel Line- Hand Made Old Fashioned Style Masks- painted(you can choose ur colors) or plain so you can make your own style, comedy or tragedy, with nose or not, to cover only half face, gold plated or not. To make it easy tell us or show us your prefered design and you'll get it. Above is a sample of it and in the bottom- in pictures place, you can see more samples.

masks are made in old fashioned style- gypsum cloth
make sure you order in advance to get your favorite mask in time cause we do have big orders as well
contact us for prices.


New- Reconditioning

  We do reconditioning of frames, cabinets, blinds, doors. Just send us a picture of what you want to restore and we will give you our price. As simple as that! Above is a sample of our work and in the bottom you can see a few more pictures, more detailed of our work.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Delivery Information

 We do cash post office delivery, or from 8.000 Euros we do home delivery in most Eu countries. More informations:


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Paintings- Information

 Would you like to own oil paintings on canvas made in old fashion way? Would you like a copy of an original(can be made only with 90%-95% as original one, 20cm less or 20cm more then the original) or just make your own choise. Would you like to be gold plated or not, carved or not, big or small size, just make your own choise and we will give you our price.

All paintings(canvas treated on old fashioned way- longer life) will be made by our artists ONLY in moments of their inspiration and with positive attitude(our prices are consistent with this principle), so anytime you and your guest will contemplate your paint it will convey you an positive constructive attitude, bliss, love. So, for that reason it will take some time to finish up your order, that's the reason i'd love to remind you to make sure you order your painting in advance. For example 39/39 inches(100/100 cm) it will take at list one month to finish up.

Note- days of delivery depends as well on the size and complexity of the painting you chose.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Paintings&Fine Romanian Art

Soon will come up with samples and offers!